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aluplast exhibits unique highlights in Nuremberg


aluplast presented its unique innovations at the fensterbau / frontale 2010 from 24th - 27th March 2010. This year’s motto for aluplast was „The Best Window in its Class“. Parallel to this the company scored with its technical design highlights. This year’s exhibition exceeded all expectations with over 100.000 visitors and the company’s success was rise above of its exhibition success in 2008.





optimising the adhesive glass bonding process





aluplast has had a considerable effect on the adhesive glass bonding technology in window construction and is considered to be one of the most experienced system provider in the glass bonding field. Along with narrow, filigree profile views and more light in the living area, bonding the pane unit with the sash gives excellent protection from break-in due to the continuous bonding joint, not to mention the omission of the steel thermal bridge in the sash – to name but a few advantages. The glass bonding is optimised by a further technology, which makes the whole bonding process even more cost effective for the installer: Due to extensive test series aluplast has been able to work out the technical and economical optimum for the adhesive amount to be used. The fact that this is being used can be seen in the rapidly increasing number of aluplast installers using a greater degree of automation in their fabrication. The optimized glass bonding technology continues to increase the process reliability of the bonding applied and the bandwidth of possible application rate and processing speed can be increased. A newly developed bonding nozzle means that the advantages of the new adhesive technology can also be used by installers in manual applications.






the “foam inside” technology exceeded all expectations     






The patent pending processing technology “foam inside” was presented to an audience that was very hungry for knowledge atfensterbau/frontale 2010. The technology in which the ready welded window element is filled with a high pressure foam system using polyurethane (PUR) insulation foam specially developed for window construction, was demonstrated in a very memorable way on the aluplast exhibition stand. Plexiglas window elements were machine filled on the aluplast exhibition stand. This processing simulation meant that the visitors could see for themselves what the homogenous foam structure was like, as well as the excellent expansion behaviour of the foam and spreading into all corners. The original plan to show four of these foaming processes per exhibition day had to be extended due to the amount of interest.







The existing system energeto® was presented as a high end foam product in line with the exhibition motto which was “The Best Window in its Class”.

 energeto® is already known as an outstanding window that makes use of bonding inside, as well powerdur inside in the frame and sash construction. The 70mm and 85mm variants have been optimised by using foam inside in the finish welded elements, so that unique values can be achieved even for double glazing. The international market is also very important for the PVC window system supplier from Baden. The innovative foam inside process means that these heat insulation advantages can be combined also with steel reinforcements. Country specific products such as the North-line System for Scandinavia, the Block Profile for the Netherlands or the 60mm double Joint Sealing System for France, are easily able to meet individual requirements for heat insulation values using foam technology.




    energeto® 5000 "foam inside"                                   energeto® 8000 "foam inside"  




the new generation lifting sliding door


The new generation of the aluplast lift and sliding door with its filigree and classical design was a sight worth seeing at the exhibition.





 However its inner values are also convincing: By using a new type of centre lock not only the element tightness is

better, but also the tolerance spectrum in the finishing is greatly expanded. The use of only one seal geometry achieves fault free fabrication by turning the seal in the corners. A further highlight is the newly designed running-in profile. This gives the lifting sliding door a joint free appearance, a further optimisation in the area of insulation as well as improved protection from break in. The lift and slide door can also reach an unbeatable UW-value of up to 0.77W/m²K by using foam inside technology.



mullion connection as if by magic






On the first day of the exhibition the new mullion connector that has been developed in co-operation between PHI and aluplast was presented on the PHI exhibition stand. Norbert Scheiderer (Owner of PHI GmbH) as well as aluplast owner Patrick Seitz demonstrated to the public how easy it is to fit into thefinish welded element with the help of the specially developed mullion connector for the IDEAL 4000® system. Mullion connectors are in production for further aluplast profile series at the present time.






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