aludec - a new generation of decorative aluminium-like structures for Aluplast window profiles

From the 1st January 2021, the Aluplast colour range has been supplemented by new aludec decorative structures. These high-quality aluminium-like coatings are distinguished by their unique fine-grained, mat surface with a structure resembling powder-coated aluminium. The new coatings are highly durable, easy to handle, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. 


Minimalism and industrial character of windows

Windows are an extremely important element that highlights the character of buildings and their interiors. This results in a constant expansion of the range of available decorative structures and a constant search for new, attractive decoration options to give windows an original style. The attractive mat-sanded surface of aludec, which has the appearance of powder-coated aluminium, will certainly work well in modern, minimalist arrangements. 

What are the window colours in 2021?

In recent years there has been a distinct shift in window colour preferences. Anthracite, basalt, various shades of gray, and recently also black have come to be the most common window colours.  The new aludec structures follow this trend as they are offered in seven attractive colours, ranging from white and gray, through brown, anthracite and metallic ALUX, to deep black. What distinguishes them is the mat-sanded texture of powder-coated aluminium, noticeable both visually and when being touched

aluplast_Nr03_aludec_dekor aluplast_Nr04_aludec_dekor aluplast_Nr07_aludec_dekor
anthrazitgrau ap Nr 03                   jet-black ap Nr 04                        alux DB703 ap Nr 07

aluplast_Nr08_aludec_dekor aluplast_Nr12_aludec_dekor  aluplast_Nr36_aludec_dekor
basaltgrau ap Nr 08                         umbragrau ap Nr 12                       verkehrsweiss ap Nr 36

fenstergrau ap Nr 37

We are convinced that following the success of our woodec decorative structures,, the aludec series will also be well received by our customers and the dominant gray and anthracite colours will become even more minimalist and exclusive. 

Innovative PVDF coating - easy to clean, resistant and stronger

The top layer of the aludec structure is covered with a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating, which makes the surface resistant to ultraviolet light, ageing, and chemicals. The surface is thus easy to clean and maintain in perfect shape, even after years of changing weather conditions. 

Better reflectivity - lower heat absorption

All aludec structures are produced using  “cool colours” technology, where the use of innovative, patented pigments has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the absorption of sunlight, which is most responsible for the heating of the material. Most sunlight does not penetrate the profile, but is reflected off the surface. The heat input to the profile is much lower, the surface remains cool and the window is dimensionally stable. In this way, “cool colours” decorative structures make it possible to prolong the service life of the window. 

Efficiency and limited use of resources

Thanks to the new aludec decorative structures, manufacturing  uPVC windows with an aluminium appearance has never been easier. This can be an economically and technically competitive alternative to both aluminium windows and plastic windows with aluminium cladding. In addition to the economical aspect, there is also the environmental aspect of saving natural resources, which is no less important. 

The new aludec colors will be available in the following systems: IDEAL 7000, IDEAL 8000, INTERTEC 85, HST 85, SMART SLIDE, IDEAL 70