IDEAL 7000


Modern architecture requires new standards in the technical, functional and aesthetic sphere. The changing legal requirements for joinery, as well as, above all, the expectations of customers looking for increasingly warmer windows are trends against which one cannot remain indifferent.



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IDEAL 7000 is an example of the synergistic use of the properties of profiles and composite double glazing to create windows characterized by very low thermal transmittance. The thermal permeability coefficient of profiles obtained with Uf = 1.1-1.0 W/m2K combined with the possibility of using wider and warmer glass packages of up to 51 mm wide guarantees the best thermal parameters of the window.

It is a system with an external seal, which gives the opportunity to offer an energy-saving solution also for glazed structures, without the need for adapters. A large chamber with solid steel reinforcement guarantees stability of the frame. The system allows free connection of frames with other series of profiles with a depth of 85 mm. It is a system with an external seal, which gives the opportunity to offer an energy-saving solution also for glazed structures, without the need for adapters.


Multifunctionality - the triumph of technology

aluplast2in1 bonding_inside_aluplast aluplast_wklejanie_stabilnosc aluplast_duze_gabaryty

Ideal 7000 series is a multifunctional system, using MULTIFALZ technology, i.e. an optional possibility of applying bonded glued glass technology. Thanks to the new geometry of the glazing notch, not only conventional glazing is possible but also gluing in the windows. These technologies can be used alternately or combined depending on the needs. For example, it is possible to improve the thermal properties of the structure by eliminating steel reinforcements and gluing windows, or applying larger windows, colors, etc., both by reinforcement with steel reinforcements and glass bonding technology. The optional use of window glass insertion technology allows for even more stable windows. Thanks to the permanent bonding of the pane and the wing, the risk of bending, twisting and sagging of the wing is reduced, thus extending the life of the wings without the need to adjust them.


Pure elegance in anthracite

The ideal 7000 profile series is available in a variant with an anthracite core for even better aesthetic results.

NEW 2018


Just as the world around us is becoming more and more colorful, so is the popularity and share in the color window market. The preferences regarding colors also change significantly, among which the predominant colors are anthracite, basalt and various shades of gray.

In recent years, the way of thinking about architecture has changed significantly. This is primarily expressed in the search for both the design of the building and the products used in it that allow them to give these objects a unique and individual character. In response to these trends, we introduce profiles with anthracite core to the offer, which will allow for even better fitting of windows to fashionable and modern arrangements. Thanks to the anthracite core, we have the possibility, in the case of double-glazed windows, to obtain a uniform color in the entire cross-section of the profile. Thus, windows blend in even better with modern interior and arrangements of the facade.



"Powerdur inside" is an innovative co-extrusion technology of pvc profiles with the use of special thermoplastic inserts reinforced with ultradur® high speed fiberglass, developed in cooperation with BASF.

IDEAL 7000 is a perfect example of a "hybrid" solution in which, on the one hand, we increase the depth of profiles up to 85 mm, increase the number of chambers, enable glazing of energy-saving aluplast_id7000_powerdur51 mm wide glass packs, and on the other hand we eliminate steel reinforcements, which negatively affect the thermal properties of construction. The glass fiber reinforced thermoplast replaces steel used in conventional PVC window frames and provides much better thermal insulation properties maintaining the same mechanical properties of the window.


By eliminating steel reinforcements within the profiles of the Ideal 7000 series "powerdur inside", thermal bridges are limited, and the heat transfer coefficient of frames for this series is Uf=1,0W/m2K, which is a very good result for a system with external sealing. At the same time, the construction of the profiles gives the possibility of further improvement of thermal permeability of profiles, by optionally filling the space of some internal chambers with thermo-insulating material.            

Ideal 7000 "powerdur inside" - the advantages of "hybrid" solutions

The metal stiffening in the profiles of the window frames creates a thermal bridge due to the high thermal conductivity. The extremely good mechanical properties of Ultradur High Speed material allow the material to be successfully used in window frames. The use of powerdur permits obtaining a clear improvement in the thermal properties of profiles, which is largely related to the thermal conductivity of Ultradur High Speed, which is 50 times lower than the conductivity of steel.

The improvement of thermal properties was undoubtedly one of the basic goals when designing this system, but the elimination of steel reinforcements from the framework also brings a number of additional benefits for window manufacturers in the form of streamlining production processes, by: limiting the processes related to storage, cutting and screwing of steel reinforcements and less use of saw blades for cutting steel.

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