System energeto® is an example of the use and connection within one technology of all the factors necessary to optimize PVC windows in terms of limiting heat loss. These systems are recommended for modern energy-saving and passive buildings.

Intelligent system solutions are becoming a reality. Lightweight structural elements, without steel reinforcements inside the profiles, which significantly limit energy losses in buildings are new arguments and benefits that aluplast offers to window manufacturers.


aluplast_aplusThe energeto ® concept proposed by aluplast is a new way of thinking about energy efficiency, because it involves eliminating steel reinforcements used so far in profiles, which causes their thermal capability to be decreased.  In addition, by implementing this technology, aluplast meets the expectations of manufacturers in the optimization of processes related to the production of windows.


The implementation of energeto ® is possible thanks to the combination of two innovative aluplast technologies: 


  • "bonding inside" - a special sash with the technique of gluing windows 
  • "powerdur inside" - a new type of frame, developed in cooperation with BASF with the use of Ultradur® High Speed plastic, which replaces steel reinforcements used in conventional frames.



         energeto® 4000                 energeto® 5000                   energeto® 8000 


More functionality


energeto® is a whole range of system solutions, that is, systems with external and central sealing with a depth of 70mm, as well as a system with a central seal with a depth of 85mm. Thus, it is a comprehensive response to the market demand for windows with the best thermal insulation in the segment of new construction and renovation. The great advantage is also the possibility of improving production processes by:

  • Eliminating certain operations in the window manufacturing process: ordering, storage, steel cutting (big savings in costs and time)
  • Less wear of machines
  • More efficient use of warehouse space (production surfaces previously occupied by steel reinforcement cutting machines and surfaces for steel warehouses are freed)



energeto® windows are raised stability and safety thanks to “bonding inside” technology



The aluplast solution enables the glass to be bonded to the wings without the use of previously needed steel reinforcements. The supporting function is taken over by the glazing unit. By bonding the glass to the profile, a significant portion of the static load is transferred through the window, which is more resistant to bending than the leaf profile, and thus stabilizes the window. Thanks to the constant connection of the pane and the wing, the risk of bending, twisting and sagging of the wing is reduced. This method minimizes the risk of window cracks due to point stresses and extends the life of the wings without the need of them being adjusted. Bonding the glass with the profile also means better protection against burglary due to the inability to push the glass out.

By changing the glazing technology it is possible to use the full depth of the glazing unit. Deeper embedment of the glass in the groove, leads to a reduction in the heat transfer coefficient of the thermal bridge occurring at the interface of the pane with the sash frame, which gives better protection against the formation of moisture on the edge of the glass.



  • less risk of window cracking, no point glass stresses
  • greater window stability thanks to the stiffening effect of the glass pane
  • reducing the number of glass cracks due to faulty glazing
  • increasing the glazing area - profiles are lower by approx. 10mm
  • better acoustic insulation through direct connection of the wing with the glass
  • better protection against burglary - the window cannot be pushed out of the sash due to the bonded perimeter


A significant reduction of the weight of the frame by as much as 60 percent, resulting from the elimination of steel is also of considerable importance. This definitely affects the comfort of work on the direct production points, as well as workers comfort involved in mounting windows at the construction site. The lower weight of the entire window also has an impact on reducing the cost of transport. 


Energeto® windows are the warmest windows in their class thanks to "powerdur inside" technology


Beginning with the implementation of glass bonding technologies, actions aimed at eliminating the "weak link", which are from the point of view of thermal insulation profiles used in steel reinforcements, resulted in attempts to eliminate them completely from the sections. The metal stiffening in the profiles of the window frames creates a thermal bridge due to the high thermal conductivity. The glass fiber reinforced thermoplast replaces steel used in conventional PVC window frames and provides much better thermal insulation properties with the same mechanical properties of the window.


The elimination of steel reinforcements allowed the elimination of thermal bridges and obtained the frame heat transfer coefficient to Uf = 0,94 W/m²K. It is worth noting that very high parameters of Uf = 1,0 W/m²K were obtained even at the standard profile depth of 70 mm. It can be seen, therefore, that the research carried out allowed for a significant reduction of the thermal insulation coefficients without increasing the depth of the sections.


energeto® windows are the effective use of solar energy and bring additional thermal gains


wiecej_swiatla_profile_energetoThe desire to meet the demand for effective use of thermal energy from the sun in buildings has resulted in further changes in the construction of window profiles, consisting in lowering the height of the profile package. The elimination of steel reinforcements made it possible to develop a very narrow frameenergeto_wieksze_przeszklenia/sash construction with a width of only 107 mm. Thanks to a very interesting optics of the profile, characterized by a large overlap of the wings on the frame, larger glazing surfaces were obtained, which ensures better illumination of the rooms, as well as additional passive thermal gains thanks to appropriate windows. This is an ideal solution for the design of light-filled building facades, but also for renovations, where the glazing area is often reduced due to the replacement of windows.


energeto® "foam inside" - windows for passive houses


Energeto® systems are one of the few window systems that allow you to create so-called passive windows already using the basic double-chamber glazing unit with a heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0,7 W/(m2*K). This is possible thanks to the use of another technical novelty introduced, i.e. the "foam inside" technology, which consists in the option of filling internal chambers with insulation material. Thanks to the introduction of a special polyurethane foam into the chambers, it is possible to obtain extremely favorable values of the heat transfer coefficient. After filling the chambers of the profiles, a heat transfer coefficient is obtained up to Uf=0,79 W/m2K, which allows obtaining a coefficient for the whole window with Uw=0,61 W/m2K. The Institute of Passive Houses in Darmstadt has issued a certificate for the energeto® 8000/ foam inside window system that recommends them as a perfect solution for passive houses.


Energy-saving and unique design

Aluplast offers an optimal range of overlays in various colors for the new energeto® series, covering a spectrum of over 40 variants. These are overlays with the innovative cool-colors technology, which guarantees improved usability and longer surface durability. Cool-colors decors have special patented pigments that reduce the heat absorption of laminated window systems, which are more exposed to heat and weathering. This allows for optimal linking of functionality and design and allows designers and investors to implement their individual wishes. The extension of the decors program in the energy system takes into account the new trends and requirements of all markets. Aluminum overlays available for each system additionally multiply the number of possible color variants, allowing to obtain any color from the RAL palette.


energeto_okleina_szary   energeto_okleina_drewnopodobna energeto_z_nakladkami_aluskin_clasic

energeto® windows - advantage thanks to innovation

Very low thermal permeability is undoubtedly the most important and basic property of energeto® window systems, which undoubtedly are the most daring window concept of recent years, based on three simultaneously realized assumptions:

  • No need to use steel reinforcements in PVC profiles and replace them with thermoplastic inserts with an admixture of glass fibers
  • The use of composite glazing and "bonding inside" technology ( gluing the glass into the notch of the wing) to achieve the assumed static and thermal parameters of window constructions
  • Possibility of further improvement of thermal permeability of profiles by optional filling, after the bonding process of the structure, the space of some internal chambers is filled with polyurethane foam using the "foam inside" technology.


energeto 8000

energeto® 8000 with a profile depth of 85 mm is specially designed for the new construction segment and convinces with top insulation values. The 85 mm system in Classic-line design with its clear straight lines is a real eye-catcher and, with an unparalleled Uf value of 0.94 W/m²K, an exemplary energy saver.

energeto 5000

energeto® centre gasket system with a profile depth of 70 mm is irreplaceable in the renovation market. Restore and enhance old buildings with energeto®and benefit from top insulation values.

energeto 4000

The backstop gasket system energeto®4000 with a profile depth of 70 mm is mostly used in the renovation sector and allures with smooth, filigree profile lines that let more natural light into your rooms. Top insulation values ensure comfortable room temperatures.

energeto foam inside

energeto profile series with extra thermoinsulative PUR foam filling.