aludec - a new generation of decorative aluminium-like structures for Aluplast window profiles

From the 1st January 2021, the Aluplast colour range has been supplemented by new aludec decorative structures. These high-quality aluminium-like coatings are distinguished by their unique fine-grained, mat surface with a structure resembling powder-coated aluminium. The new coatings are highly durable, easy to handle, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. 


woodec – a new generation of decorative wood-like window frames brought to you by Aluplast

Woodec's surface faithfully reflects the look and unique character of real wood while retaining all the advantages of a  window constructed of plastic –  all this and more is brought to you by woodec.


The new aluplast Ideal 4000 sash variant for 48 mm wide glazing units

The IDEAL 4000 mm system combines originality of form with the effectiveness of solutions. The best proof of this is the new sash variant, which enables the use of energy-saving glazing units up to 48 mm wide. Thus, within this most popular series of profiles, we have the opportunity to offer a highly energy-saving solution.


Aluplast extends its offer with PVC profiles with an anthracite core

In response to these trends, we are introducing to our offer window profiles with an anthracite core which will allow for more fashionable and modern arrangements and even better fitting windows. 

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