The new aluplast Ideal 4000 sash variant for 48 mm wide glazing units

The IDEAL 4000 mm system combines originality of form with the effectiveness of solutions. The best proof of this is the new sash variant, which enables the use of energy-saving glazing units up to 48 mm wide. Thus, within this most popular series of profiles, we have the opportunity to offer a highly energy-saving solution.

ALUPLAST IDEAL 4000 – more possibilities

The Uf thermal permeability coefficient of profiles with a value of up to 1.3 W/m2K obtained in tests combined with the possibility of using wider and warmer glazing units with a width of up to 48 mm guarantees excellent thermal parameters of the window. For example, a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm equipped with a 48 mm glazing unit with a Ug coefficient of 0.5 W/m2K, with the warm edge spacer bar achieves a Uw thermal insulation coefficient of 0.85 W/m2K.

aluplast_ideal_4000_48_mmMaking it possible to improve the thermal properties of the entire window structure by widening the glazing groove was the essential expectation related to the introduction of the new variant of the sash. - explains Marcin Szewczuk, Marketing Manager Aluplast sp. z o.o.. No less important is also the fact that we are launching this solution within an already existing and still very popular profile system, by introducing just one additional sash profile. Thus, it is a step towards optimization, increased efficiency and minimized inventory levels that would normally entail the introduction of a completely new system. An additional advantage is the availability of profiles with an anthracite core within the Ideal 4000 series. 




Original design

The original and harmonious design, combined with a great range of system solutions, gives you unlimited possibilities to create windows and emphasize your own style. Classic, elegant lines in slender profiles with expressive contours, and at the same time a slightly futuristic form is a proposition for people looking for unique opportunities to create their windows.

Ideal 4000 system is universal in its applications, it works well in modern architecture of single- and multi-family housing, as well as in the case of renovation. Thanks to the width of profiles of only 114 mm, we increase the surface of glazing and let even more light into the rooms.





Multifalz technology has already been implemented in the latest sash solution, which, thanks to the new geometry of the glazing rebate, enables not only conventional glazing, but also glued glazing. These technologies can be used alternately or combined depending on the needs, e.g. it is possible to improve the thermal properties of the structure by eliminating steel reinforcements or by the use of both steel reinforcement as well as the technology of glued glazing in larger or foiled windows etc., which increases the rigidity of construction.

Pure elegance in anthracite

aluplast_ideal_4000_antacytowy_rdzenResponding to color trends, from the second quarter of 2019 we have introduced to the offer profiles with anthracite core also in the Ideal 4000 system, which will allow for even better fitting of windows to fashionable and modern arrangements. Thanks to the anthracite core, we have the possibility to obtain an uniform color throughout the profile surfaces in windows foiled both sides. Thus, windows blend in even better with modern interior and façade arrangements. More information on the website