PVC window systems


System energeto® is an example of the use and connection within one technology of all the factors necessary to optimize PVC windows in terms of limiting heat loss. These systems are recommended for modern energy-saving and passive buildings.

IDEAL 8000

A new dimension of energy efficiency. Ideal 8000 is a perfect proposition for everyone who expects an apartment’s comfort at the highest level.

aluplast Intertec 85 mm

A modern, six-chamber profile system featuring 85 mm profile depth. Special middle insulating fin ensures increased protection against wind, rain and better acoustic insulation.

IDEAL 7000

Perfect harmony. The new IDEAL 7000 system series is a 6-chamber construction featuring 85 mm profile depth and double seal system, ready for application of 51 mm thick glass panes.

IDEAL 5000

Excellent insulation values ensure first-class living comfort with IDEAL 5000®. Top-quality profile systems made by aluplast promise burglary protection at the highest level and provide comforting security.

IDEAL 4000

More options. A 5-6-chamber featuring 70 mm profile depth and double seal system with possibility of application of 41 mm thick glass panes, with numerous possible profiles' combinations.

IDEAL 2000

Classics at its best. A 3-4-chamber system featuring 60 mm profile depth and double seal system and possibility of application of  41 mm thick glass panes.