Installation of UPVC Windows and UPVC Doors

Installation of UPVC Windows and UPVC Doors

Despite the many circulating studies and instructions for window installation presenting various techniques and methods, the installation carried out based on them can be divided into two basic types: correct or incorrect window installation.

Below we provide you with a downloadable manual we have developed for PVC window installation, which contains basic guidelines in this regard: w tym zakresie:

uPVC Window Installation Guide

Window installation – what to pay attention to

The proper course of joinery installation consists of many aspects: the technical solutions used, the skills of the assemblers, but also the entire process preceding the final installation. A detailed assessment of the site situation in terms of, for example, the type of erection materials, correct measurement (taking into account both the required expansion clearances and any additional materials used), preparation of window openings (who is to do it and how), access to the site itself and to individual openings, allow the selection of optimal solutions and their proper pricing.

Proper window installation – three basic steps

In terms of the assembly process itself, the following three steps appear to be key:

1. Stable and even support of the structure to ensure proper transmission of loads (of course, the joinery must also be properly sized so that the correct expansion gap is maintained on each side, allowing the window structure to move freely under the influence of temperature differences affecting it)


2. Proper fixing of windows in mechanical terms


3. Sealing the windows (through the use of insulating materials and their proper protection)

All three layers together and each individually should also form a barrier to restrict air flow through the joint. They can be made using either multiple individual materials or a combination of sealing materials.

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