Aluplast exceeded one billion Polish zlotys in revenue in October this year

Aluplast exceeded one billion Polish zlotys in revenue in October this year

October marked another milestone in the history of Aluplast in Poland. At the beginning of the month, for the first time, the value of sales realized by Aluplast Sp. z o.o. exceeded the PLN 1 billion mark. Meanwhile, the process of installing the first extruders at the new plant in Nagradowice will begin in late November/early December.

Aluplast steadily executes plans

Aluplast already approached the one billion zlotys mark in sales revenue last year, reaching PLN 998 million, a 44% increase over 2020. The beginning of this year indicated that crossing this boundary was only a matter of months, and thanks to maintaining a revenue growth rate of nearly 30% after three quarters, this was achieved already in October. Although there has been a noticeable decline in revenue growth since the second quarter, which exceeded 42% in the first quarter, the sales levels have still surpassed those that were planned for this year. The fact that we are realizing sales increases in all of our key markets is extremely important. Though the last few months have brought a deceleration in the growth of raw material prices, high prices for energy carriers mean that the situation in terms of raw material availability is still unstable.

End of the year, start of a new plant

Late November/early December will see the installation of the first profile production line at the new plant in Nagradowice near Poznań, which will mark the beginning of the production launch process at the new facility. More lines will be installed in the weeks after and this will be followed by the successive relocation of machines from the Poznan plant. Within the currently completed phase, 50 extruders can be installed in the new hall. In parallel, work is currently underway to assemble technology and installations at the mixing plant. The profile veneering department will also be relocated and expanded to the new plant.

The phase currently being finalized will see the completion of a new production hall, a raw material mixing plant, and technical facilities with a total area of about 20,000 m2. In the first phase, however, a 17,000 sqm hall was put into operation, along with yards and internal roads with an area of 37,000 sqm. A high-voltage substation is already in operation at the site to ensure that the plant's energy continuity is secured.

ENERGETO NEO - new energy, new possibilities

This year also marks a breakthrough in Aluplast’s product offering. ENERGETO NEO, a new system platform, was unveiled in the middle of the year.

“When designing the new ENERGETO NEO system platform, we set ourselves several challenges: to combine the most innovative Aluplast technologies with exceptional design,” says Marcin Szewczuk, Marketing Manager of Aluplast Sp. z o.o. “As a result, our trade partners have the opportunity to distinguish their offerings through both exceptional, attractive design, and unique solutions and technologies. Energeto NEO is the first system in our history to combine both outer seal (AD) and middle seal (MD) solutions in a single platform. This allows you to freely combine individual profile geometries, creating a variety of stylistic configurations of windows, while keeping them relatively small. Observing the great interest and very positive feedback from window manufacturers and dealers, we are convinced that this system, in addition to its extremely attractive design, will also provide additional sales argumentation. To use a football analogy, introducing the Energeto NEO system platform ‘thickens the middle of the field’, which significantly expands the range of available solutions and ‘bridges the gap’ between the existing 70mm and 85mm platforms.”

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