ENERGETO NEO window system awarded the BUDMA fair Gold Medal

ENERGETO NEO window system awarded the BUDMA fair Gold Medal

Aluplast's latest product, the ENERGETO NEO system platform, was recognized by the chapter and received the Gold Medal of the Budma 2023 fair.23.

Construction of tomorrow

Traditionally, during the opening ceremony of the Budma fair, the MTP Gold Medal ceremony took place. The competition's jury recognized products that will set trends in the construction and architectural industry for the coming years. These are products that, on the one hand, are characterized by great innovation, but also their design and development are carried out in a spirit that takes into account environmental aspects, ergonomics and the latest design trends.

energeto neo Złoty Medal Budma

“We are very happy to have received the award and hope that ENERGETO NEO will be our sales hit, just like the gold medalist from three years ago – SMART-SLIDE,” Marcin Szewczuk, Marketing Manager of Aluplast sp. z o.o. comments. “Of course, what catches the eye about the ENERGETO NEO system is its attractive, angular design. Plenty of positive comments and a lot of interest from manufacturers and distributors confirm that this can be an attractive, fresh differentiator in their offerings. However, I would also like to point out the broad comprehensiveness and versatility of this system in relation to all our previous profile series. Within this single platform, we can freely combine solutions with external sealing (AD) and central sealing (MD), both in the classic option of profiles reinforced with steel sections, as well as based on composites. The system is an excellent example of evolution, in which all of our previous aluplast technical innovations have been applied, and in the process we have made several optimizations. At the same time, it seems to me that due to the versatility of this system, it is an excellent proposal from both a technical and economic point of view for the market situation in which we find ourselves," Marcin Szewczuk concludes. “And beyond that, I see tremendous potential here in terms of answering the challenges we face, such as automation, optimization, increasing efficiency. There is a growing need for solutions that, on the one hand, would be a reasonable proposition from the point of view of technical performance and price, and, on the other hand, could be freely used in new buildings and during renovation. The ENERGETO NEO system platform is a very future-oriented project and we will soon be presenting more interesting system solutions within its framework.”


The latest ENERGETO NEO window system is an extremely attractive design proposal for customers who appreciate the timeless style. Bold angles and geometric architecture; simple, symmetrical, cubist – simply timeless shape – this is what sets the system apart. Unusual lightness and elegance of windows made with these profiles stem from the narrow, expressive rebates, which are almost half as narrow as in other Aluplast systems. There are two style lines of windows: a minimalist, classic non-flush version and a designer flush version, alluding to the optics of aluminum systems. Sleek and narrow profiles refer to current design trends. Thanks to the use of innovative woodec and aludec decorative films, we have the possibility to obtain the appearance of wooden or aluminum windows in a simple and cost-optimized way.


....meets technology

The ENERGETO NEO system uses a number of innovative technologies and design solutions, such as:

New energy. New opportunities.

An extremely important design consideration for the ENERGETO NEO series is the mutual compatibility of the profiles, allowing individual profile geometries to be freely combined with each other while maintaining a relatively small number of profiles. Thus, we limit the number and stock of profiles and provide the possibility of various stylistic configurations of windows. This is in response to the need to optimize production and increase operational efficiency. The "Multifalz" technology implemented in all systems provides profiles with multifunctionality. Using only one profile section, one can choose between a conventional solution with steel, a solution without steel or a possible combination of both solutions (e.g., for structures with non-standard dimensions).

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