How to choose the right color for my windows? Modern color palette for pvc windows

How to choose the right color for my windows? Modern color palette for pvc windows

Everybody dreams of a house they would feel good in. An indispensible part of the design of both the interior as well as the exterior of any room are windows. There are many color options for window profiles currently on the market. However, choosing the one which will stay with us for years isn’t at all simple. In this article you’ll get know how to pick the right color for your windows based on our proposals of modern interior design.



PVC windows and the natural colors of wood

If there’s one element of the interior design, which looks phenomenal no matter the trends of the decade, it’s undoubtedly wood. Wood as a natural material always impresses with its texture and look. Wooden panels on the floor or walls, wooden furniture and windows – they all add to the room’s timeless aesthetic.

However, aren't wooden windows difficult to maintain? Yes, they require regular care. However, wooden windows are not the only solution. There are many more possibilities. Currently, aluplast offers modern wood-like structures called woodec, thanks to which pvc windows and doors acquire a wonderful natural look. High-quality films perfectly reflect the texture and mattness of wood. Their neutral colors are also attractive.



Modern black and white

Window joinery has not developed only in terms of wood veneer. Coatings with a matte surface are also among the popular trends in recent years. They come in fashionable colors such as anthracite or dense tar black. These shades will work well in modern interiors, that focus on minimalism and functionality. Aluplast offers innovative coatings called aludec, which due to their fine-grained surface can resemble concrete or powder-coated aluminum.


Window colors and interior design

In the rest of the article, you will find our suggestions for trendy interior design, in which we included tips for picking the right window colors.


Scandinavian style

Although scandinavian style is in a large part about functionality, it is also warm and cozy. That’s why its popularity hasn’t subside since it became well-known. An important feature of Scandinavian style is minimalism in room design. Walls, floors and furniture in Scandinavian style are usually white or light gray. Often they are also made of light wood. Such a color scheme makes the interior appear more luminous and spacious.

In the Scandinavian style, the subdued background formed by light-colored floors and walls is combined with accessories made of natural materials. Among the most popular are wool, linen, wicker and wood. To complement and enliven the overall decor, you can also add some decorations in more tawny colors. This will result in a warm arrangement that will encourage household members to spend time at home.

In combination with the Scandinavian style, windows in the color of light wood will work perfectly. The woodec decorative foils available in the aluplast offer are a great example of applying Scandinavian trends in practice. Woodec veneer has a matte surface, which reflects the natural texture of wood. Its deep embossing looks like the real grain of the tree. Colors such as Turner Oak Malt and Sheffield Oak Alpine are our top picks for proponents of Scandinavian-style arrangements. The familiar classic, white pvc windows, will also work well.


Bohemian style

A slightly more eccentric, though also cozy option, is the boho style. This style uses everything that’s irregular. Patterned blankets with tassels, potted plants, fluffy rugs and loose-flowing canopies - in other words, a total miscellany - are key features of boho design.
How to fit windows into a similar design? The obvious choice here is wood or wood-like structure. The natural irregularity of the wood grain will perfectly match the rest of the boho-style accessories. As for the color of the windows - in boho it is worth betting on intensity. Dark brown, such as turner toffee oak or sheffield oak, will work perfectly here. Another option is also more bold shades, such as green, navy blue and maroon. These colors allude to the foundations of boho style, namely ethnic and oriental motifs. However, if you want to neutralize the overall aesthetic, black or white windows will also fit in with the diverse boho style.

Botanical style

This style draws inspiration from nature. Botanical style interiors are overflowing with flowers, both live in pots and printed on decorations. Plant motifs, which appear on pillows, blankets, paintings and many other accessories, are meant to make the room turn into a home jungle. The window profiles that we think are most suitable for botanical-style interiors are black or dark gray.


Organic style

Another style on our list is organic style, which refers to the colors of the earth. Spaces inspired by the organic style are warm and draw on natural forms and materials. Beiges and a wide range of red tones dominate the background. As in Scandinavian style, accessories made of wood or wicker will also work here. The naturalness of the organic style also translates into windows. Profiles in the color of oak will perfectly complement the composition. In particular, we recommend matte woodec veneer in Turner Oak Toffee color.


Loft style

The style refers to industrial spaces. Among the wall colors, grays and smoky whites reign supreme. Red brick is also popular. Design elements resemble geometric figures - they are angular or cylindrical. Both accessories and furniture often contain metal parts - the skeleton of their construction is visible to the naked eye.
Loft style is supposed to resemble an unfinished industrial space. It will be perfectly emphasized by windows in all sorts of shades of gray. The now fashionable anthracite or black are also ideal. Aluplast offers modern aludec veneers, which with their fine-grained surface can resemble concrete. 

When choosing a window for this style, you should take the shape into consideration. For industrial decor, windows with sharply defined edges will work well.


Minimalist style

A trend that has definitely gained popularity in recent years is minimalism. Both in the context of interior design and life style, minimalism is all about simplicity and high quality.
Interiors based on minimalism are primarily open spaces. Their main point of décor are windows reaching all the way to the ground, which allows a lot of natural light to get into the room. So in this case, what matters more than the color of the window is its large size. Nevertheless, certain colors will definitely perform better in minimalist arrangements than others. Classic white or gray may prove to be a great choice. It is also worth considering pvc windows covered with the aforementioned aludec film. The matte surface of the profile will perfectly match the rest of the fashionable interior design.


When we want to choose the right windows for our house, we need to consider many factors. One of them is interior design. Let's remember that windows are not just glass and a frame hidden behind a curtain. They are an important element that completes the whole arrangement. Let's make sure that they are a successful investment for years to come.

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