Lightweight structural elements that significantly reduce energy losses in buildings.

These are new arguments and benefits offered by aluplast®. Use the power of innovation. We make sure that our products stand for high quality and the latest technologies. Technological leadership is closely related to continuous focus on the customer and their needs, which are often an incentive to improve our products. By developing existing systems, we set new standards. The goal is not only the continuous development of products, but also the search for solutions that optimize production processes. Our approach to business is characterized by a pro-ecological organization of production, thanks to which we protect the natural environment.

Meet our technologies

Advantage through innovation

aluplast - Bonding inside - Silne połączenie

Bonding inside

Strong connection

With its Bonding Inside technology, Aluplast is once again setting the trend in the industry.

By bonding the glass to the profile with glue, around its entire perimeter, much of the static load is carried by the glass, which is more resistant to bending than the sash profile and thus stabilizes the window.

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aluplast - Powerdur inside - Innowacja na miarę sukcesu

Powerdur inside

Successful innovation

The innovative coextrusion technology of PVC profiles using Ultradur® High Speed composite reinforcements with added fiberglass is called "powerdur inside."

Initiated with the implementation of glazing bonding technology, efforts to eliminate the "weak link", which are, from the point of view of thermal insulation of profiles, the steel reinforcements used in them, resulted in attempts to eliminate them completely from the sections. The powerdur inside technology is an example of such a solution, where it has successfully succeeded in replacing steel reinforcements in profiles.

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aluplast - Foam inside - Maksimum izolacji - minimum strat ciepła

Foam inside

Maximum insulation - minimum heat loss.

The innovative foam inside technology makes it possible to achieve extremely high thermal insulation values! Foam inside is a technology for introducing polyurethane foam into the chambers of the profiles, thanks to which it is possible to obtain extremely favorable values of the heat transfer coefficient.

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aluplast - szkolenia i webinary aluplast - szkolenia i webinary

and webinars

We attach great importance and effort to educating and training window manufacturers and sellers, because advanced technical solutions also require knowledge about their use and sales.

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aluplast - strefa partnera aluplast - strefa partnera

Partner zone

Technical documentation and test results necessary for the manufacturer's operations.

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