Our advantages

Our advantages

aluplast - Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Innovative, but also rational. Global, but with roots in the region. Ready for change, yet stable in the best sense of the word – this is what Aluplast is. Despite its global success, Aluplast still remains a second-generation, family-run company with a flat organizational structure and short decision-making paths.


Through thoughtful company policy, we are laying the groundwork for effective growth for us and our partners. We are convinced that this philosophy, which has brought us to where we are today, is a guarantee of our joint achievements in the future.

Manfred J. Seitz, founder of Aluplast GmbH


aluplast - Innovativeness


Innovation and development are the key foundations of the Aluplast philosophy. We make sure that our products are synonymous with high quality, the latest technology and excellent solutions. In doing so, technological leadership is closely linked to a constant focus on the customer and their needs, which are often the impetus for improving our products. We believe that only such a consistently implemented pro-development policy can guarantee the company's long-term success.

aluplast - Partnership


The key to success for us is the constant, intensive contact between us and our customers, as this is the only way to achieve the synergy of joint activities. Aluplast is focused on the customer and their needs. We do not impose solutions or make choices for you. Instead, we listen carefully and give you the widest possible range of products from which you are sure to choose the right one. It is your comments that are often the impetus for improving our products. The satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance to us.

aluplast - Flexibility


Although Aluplast has established itself as a global supplier, it has retained the advantages inherent in small businesses. Our great strength is flexibility. With a flat organizational structure and short decision-making paths, we are able to respond quickly to customer expectations and market trends.



The basis of our product development policy is compatibility. Constructing open systems that can be combined with each other allows for constant expansion and the freedom to choose solutions best suited to market needs. Thus, by developing existing systems, we are constantly setting new standards.


aluplast_sustainability aluplast_sustainability


The raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are produced using environmentally friendly zinc-lime stabilizers, with no lead content.

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aluplast - Our history aluplast - nasza historia


The family-owned company Aluplast was founded in December 1982, and since then has developed into a company with worldwide operations.

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