Aluplast as the Joinery Market Leader in 2022

Aluplast as the Joinery Market Leader in 2022

During the National Woodwork Forum 2022, held on 18-19 October in Ożarów Mazowiecki, the Joinery Market Leaders Gala was held. Companies with the highest sales revenues in 2021 were awarded titles in individual market segments.

21 years as leader in the category "PVC window systems"

We are very proud that the distinction of the Joinery Market Leader 2022 in the category "PVC window systems" once again went to our company - comments Marcin Szewczuk, Marketing Manager of Aluplast sp. z o.o. We would like to thank all our business partners and employees, whose commitment, determination and creativity allowed us to achieve such a result and enjoy the award. Of course, we are pleased that regardless of the many turbulences we have had to deal with in the market, we have been consistently building and strengthening our market position for 21 years. A clearly outlined vision and consistency in its implementation are also recognised and reflected in the opinions of window manufacturers about our company (more to find on the website). And the fact that Aluplast has been rated by far the best by window manufacturers for its ability to react to crisis situations confirms that partnerships are most important to us. We are also extremely appreciative of the fact that we have been in partnership with very many of our Partners for more than 20 years.

Last year, Aluplast sp. z o.o. closed with sales revenues of PLN 998 million, which represented an increase of 44% compared to 2020. As emphasised by the organisers of the Gala from the Industry Analysis Centre, thanks to the results achieved last year, Aluplast increased its lead over the next company in the ranking and decisively strengthened its leading position. And the company's share in the segment of PVC profile manufacturers in Poland is estimated at around 25%.

The organiser of the Joinery Market Leaders Gala is the Industry Analysis Centre, which has specialised in analysing the joinery industry in Poland for years. The ranking is created every year on the basis of the sales results of the past season. The only criterion for the ranking is the value of production in the case of manufacturing companies and the value of deliveries to Polish manufacturers in the case of suppliers to the industry.

"New Markets - New Opportunities"

This was the motto of this year's National Woodwork Forum 2022. The main topics, among which the potential for export development to the USA, Canada and Great Britain was presented, were also set in this context. These are markets with huge potential, where the presence of Polish companies from our sector is still symbolic. There are many reasons for this: product differences, technological barriers, cultural barriers, distance, costs, etc. However, as this year's results of joinery export to the USA (which increased by more than 100%) show, they are surmountable.

Aluplast - Partner of Platinium OFS 2022 with a lecture on the British market

All these aspects were presented in a practical manner by the speakers, who included representatives of both companies and institutions supporting Polish companies in their export expansion in particular markets. During a discussion moderated by Paweł Gregorczyk from the Industry Forum, our experts Karol Reinsch and Jakub Romanowski introduced the participants to the most popular solutions in the British market, characterised the differences in the production of these types of windows, as well as pointed out the biggest barriers and requirements that producers and sellers wishing to develop export to the UK may face.

Aluplast sp. z o.o. has been manufacturing and successfully selling profiles for the production of so-called 'English windows' in Poznań for many years. The UK is one of our main export markets and we are constantly increasing the number of window manufacturers cooperating with us there. We offer several system solutions that are typical of this market and are very popular. Although the number of Polish manufacturers producing these types of PVC windows is still negligible, for some time now we have noticed a growing interest and an increase in the number of enquiries from Polish companies. Hence, we have decided to share our experiences in this market at OFS 2022 and present the most popular systems and solutions, concludes Marcin Szewczuk.

OFS is also traditionally the time for the Industry Analysis Centre to present the results of our industry for the past year and to draw up forecasts for the closing season and the immediate future. The good seasons are certainly behind us, with a great deal of uncertainty and possible sales declines ahead. One of the positive messages is that Poland is likely to jump into a leading position in global joinery exports, thanks to overtaking China this year (we have already been the world leader in exports of PVC windows and doors and wooden windows for a long time). In the unanimous opinion of many participants, it is export that should still be the driving force of our industry and its effective development, perhaps offsetting the declines expected in our domestic market.

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