woodec – a new generation of decorative wood-like window frames brought to you by Aluplast

Woodec's surface faithfully reflects the look and unique character of real wood while retaining all the advantages of a  window constructed of plastic –  all this and more is brought to you by woodec.


woodec – inspired by nature

Woodec's material is difficult to distinguish from natural wood and realistically reflects the look of wood due to its deeply embossed surface and matt top layer. This natural looking surface is easy to care for and keep clean.

aluplast_Woodec_farben woodec_aluplast_1 woodec_aluplast_2

Scandinavian countries have had a great influence on the development and design of the woodec series. The Scandinavian style of home decor is characterized by the use of lots of wood, simple shapes, simple patterns and bright warm colors which make it so popular. This trend is also increasingly being seen in windows and doors and has brought about new colors imitating oak in its gray and white shades. These new wood-like decors provide a pleasant atmosphere and a modern look and guarantee a high-quality appearance on both the inside and outside. 

Woodec can be used on the inner and outer surface and is available in three colour decors:

  aluplast_Turner_Oak_Malt         alupalst_Scheffield_Oak_alpine            aluplast_Scheffield_Oak_concrete             

        Turner Oak Malt (tom)                Sheffield oak alpine (shoa)               Sheffield oak concrete (shoc)
           ap Nr.: 19                                       ap Nr.: 20                                                 ap Nr.: 21



NEW 2021

From 1 January 2021, the woodec color palette will be expanded with the new color Turner Oak Toffee ap No. 22


Turner Oak Toffee (toto)

       ap Nr.: 22